OMNIOUS Terms of Service

Please read these terms and conditions (or the “Terms of Use”) carefully before using OMNIOUS provided by Omnious Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Company”).

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the rights and obligations and other necessary matters between the Company and the Member in connection with the use of all OMNIOUS related services provided by Omnious Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

① Definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows.

1. “Service” means all the services related to OMNIOUS provided by “Company”.

2. "Member" means a customer who uses the "Service" provided by "Company" by agreeing to the "Service" Terms of Use and entering into a "Use Agreement" with "Company" in accordance with these Terms.

3. “Member ID” refers to the email address entered or registered by the “Member” for the purpose of identifying the “Member” and using the “Service” of the “Member”.

4. "Password" means the letter or letter selected by the "member" to confirmthat the person who intends to use the "service" of the "company" is the same person as the person who has been granted the "member ID" and to protect the rights of the "member". A combination of numbers.

5. “API Service” refers to Restful based interface service provided by “Company” to “Member”.

6. “Tags” means product attribute information (hereinafter referred to as “attribute tags”) such as items, prints, details, and styles acquired by the “members” using the service, and low resolution and watermarks that affect image recognition accuracy. , Image description information such as non-fashion image (hereinafter referred to as “image tag”), product information such as product ID, product name, brand, price, currency, and search term entered by the “member” for the purpose of product management (hereinafter referred to as “management” Type tags "are textual metadata used for product search, recommendation, and analysis.

7. “OMNIOUS STUDIO” is a cloud-based service that provides customized search results using an artificial intelligence-based automated system that analyzes user's fashion image and makes product catalog management and trend analysis easy.

8. “OMNIOUS TAGGER API” means the artificial intelligence base provided by “Company” to “Member” for the purpose of automating entry of product “attribute tag”, product search and recommendation, trend analysis, and other “Member” business. Image recognition of “API service” refers to.

9. “OMNIOUS LENS API” means the artificial intelligence base provided by “Company” to “Member” for the purpose of product search and recommendation, and other “Member” business. Image recognition of “API service” refers to.

10. “Paid Service” means various additional services provided by “Company”among “Service” for a fee.

11. "Paid member" means a "member" who pays the use fee and uses the "paid service" of the "company" such as "API service".

12. “Payment” means that the “Member” pays a certain amount through a payment method designated by the Company in order to use the “Pay Service”.

Any of the terms not used in this article among the terms used in this agreement shall be determined by general commercial practices and related laws.

Article 3 (Specification and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)

① “Company” posts the contents of this agreement in “Service” or initial screen so that members can easily know.

② The Company may amend this Agreement to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws such as the Act on the Regulation of the Terms, the Basic Telecommunication Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization, and the Protection of Information.

③ When the Company revises the agreement, the date and the reason for the amendment shall be specified and the current agreement will be announced from 7 days before the effective date of the amended agreement to the day before the effective date. However, changes that have a significant impact on the rights and obligations of the “members” should be announced 30 days before the effective date.

④ “Member” has the right to reject the changed agreement. The “Member” may express its intention to reject within 30 days of the change of the Terms.If the Member refuses, the Company, the Service Provider, may terminate the contract with the Member after prior notice to the Member for a period of30 days. If the "member" does not indicate the intention to reject or use the "service" after the effective date in accordance with the preceding paragraph, it will be deemed to have agreed to the amended agreement.

⑤ In principle, these Terms and Conditions shall apply from the date the Member agrees to these Terms and Conditions until withdrawal. However, some provisions of these Terms and Conditions may remain in effect after themember withdraws.

Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions)

① When a "member" uses an "service" by entering into an individual contractwith the "company", the "company" may have the terms of use or operation policy ("operation policy", etc.) for the individual service. In the event of a conflict with these Terms, the Operational Policy, etc. for individual Services shall prevail.

② For matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions, the relevant laws and regulations such as the Act on the Regulation of the Terms, the Telecommunications Basic Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Acton the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization andInformation Protection, etc. shall be followed.

Article 5 (Signing of Use Agreement)

① "Service" use contract (hereinafter referred to as "use contract") between "company" and "member" means that the person who wants to use "service"(hereinafter referred to as "subscriber") and this policy and personal information processing policy By agreeing to the contents of the agreement, you apply for membership and the "Company" agrees to use it.

② In principle, the Company will approve the use of the Service for the applicant. However, the Company may not approve an application falling under any of the following subparagraphs or may terminate the use agreement afterwards.

1. If the applicant has previously lost membership under these terms.

2. If false information or details provided by the company are not provided

3. In case of using the non-existent e-mail and personal information when registering or using another person's name

4. Children under 14 years old do not obtain the consent of the legal representative when entering personal information as prescribed in the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, etc.

5. If approval is not possible due to the fault attributable to the “Applicant” orthere are other reasons why the “Company” cannot provide the “Service”.

③ The Company may suspend approval when there is no room for “Service” related facilities or technical or business problems.

④ When the Company refuses or suspends the acceptance of the application for subscription under Article 2, 2, 3, 5, or 3 of this Article, or terminates the use contract, Please inform the applicant of the fact.

⑤ The date of establishment of the “use contract” shall be when the “Company” has indicated the completion of the subscription in the application process.

⑥ In order for the “member” to use the “paid service”, the user must pay theusage fee. The time of establishment of the “use contract” for the “paid service” is when the “Company” indicates the purchase completion in the application process. However, the Company may refuse to accept an application falling under any of the following subparagraphs, or terminate the “use contract” of “paid service” afterwards.

1. The Company cannot verify the payment of the payment due to the failureto pay the payment or make the wrong payment.

2. If the member company does not receive the approval to re-join the membership after losing membership

3. If you use or steal a third party's credit card, wired / wireless phone, bank account, etc. without permission

⑦ “Company” can classify “members” according to the company policy and classify usage time, frequency of use, and available service functions.

Article 6 (Change of Member Information)

① Members can view and modify their personal information at any time through the account settings screen. However, the e-mail address required for service management cannot be modified.

② If a member's information is changed when applying for membership, the member shall revise it online or notify the company of the change by other means such as e-mail. The company is not responsible for any disadvantagescaused by not notifying the company of the changes.

Article 7 (Personal Information Protection and Management)

① The Company shall endeavor to protect the member's personal information as prescribed by relevant laws such as the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "Information and Communication Network Act"). The law and the "Privacy Policy" of the Company shall apply to the above, but the "Privacy Policy" of the "Company" does not apply to sites other than the official site of the "Company".

② The Company shall not be responsible for any information including the account information of the “member” exposed due to the fault of “member”.

Article 8 (Member ID and Password)

① "Member" uses the e-mail address selected by "Member" as "Member ID" for the convenience of "Service", the protection of information of "Member", and the use of service. However, the Company may refuse to use or restrict the use of the ID if the contents of the "Member ID" are anti-social, hurt the morals, or may be mistaken as an operator.

② “Company” performs all “member” management tasks such as availabilityof “service” of “member” through account information.

③ “Member” must manage his account information with full duty of manager."Member" is responsible for any damages resulting from such violations.

④ The "member" can freely set the "password" within the scope of the "company" criteria, and the "password" can be changed at any time if the "member" wants.

⑤ The “member” is responsible for protecting and managing the “password”.However, the “Company” may recommend to the “member” to change the “password” regularly or irregularly for security reasons.

Article 9 (Notice to Members)

① If the “company” notifies the “member”, it can be done by e-mail address within the service unless otherwise specified in this agreement.

② The Company may replace the notice in Paragraph 1 by posting on the initial screen of the service for more than 7 days in the case of the notification to the entire “member”.

Article 10 (Obligations of the Company)

① “Company” shall not do anything that is prohibited by this agreement and related laws and acts contrary to morals, and will do its best to provide continuous and stable “service”.

② The “Company” shall have a security system to protect all personal information so that the “member” can use the “service” safely, and disclose and comply with the privacy policy.

③ The Company shall promptly deal within a reasonable period of time when the opinions or complaints raised by the Members are objectively recognized as being justified. However, if the processing takes a long time, the member will be informed of the reason for the delay through the bulletin board or e-mail, and the processing process and processing results will be delivered.

④ The Company shall endeavor to provide convenience to the Member in theprocedures and contents related to the Contract with the Member, such as the conclusion of the User Agreement, the change and termination of the Agreement.

⑤ When the “Company” provides the “paid service”, the “Company” displaysthe following items on the initial screen or FAQ screen of the service for the “member” to understand.

1. Title or subheading of "Paid Service"

2. Contents of “Paid Service”, How to Use, Use Price, Payment Method and Other Terms of Use

3. Available equipment and minimum technical specifications for use

Article 11 (Obligations of Members)

① “Member” shall comply with related law, provisions of this agreement, usage guide, notices related to “service”, notice of “company”, etc., and other acts that interfere with the work of “company” It should not be.

② “Member” should not do the following.

1. Violation of these Terms of Use

2. The use of hacking or similar programs on “services” to make normal operations difficult (eg hacking or virus dissemination, DDoS attacks, etc.)

3. Reproduce, disassemble or imitate or otherwise modify the "Service" through reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly and any other processing activity.

4. Unauthorized use of “tag” information provided by the “Service” as machine learning data.

5. The use of other people's information or registration of false information when registering personal information with the Company for the purpose of applying for membership or changing information.

6. Misrepresentation of others or misrepresentation of relationships with others, theft and fraudulent use of other "members" accounts and "passwords", or unauthorized use of other people's credit cards and telephone numbers. Buying back

7. Changes in Information Posted by the Company

8. Unauthorized avoidance of sending brand messages

9. Transmission or posting of information other than that specified by the Company.

10. Infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyrights of the Company and other third parties.

11. Acts that damage or interfere with the honor of the Company and other third parties.

12. disclose or post any obscene or violent message, video, audio or other information contrary to public or moral information on the Service;

13. Acts that violate any other illegal acts or violations of current legislation and other notices in addition to services.

③ When the Company requests the member to provide the data or requests for the facts to confirm the violation of this Article, the "member" must cooperate sincerely.

④ In the case of a violation of the “member”, the “company” may warn the “member” to stop the act or remove the contents registered by the “member” (temporarily stop posting or permanently delete). In addition, habitual and serious violations can be immediately disqualified from membership.

Article 12 (provision and suspension of service)

① “Company” starts the “Service” after accepting the membership of “Member”. However, for some services, the service may be provided from the designated date as required by the Company.

② The company can guide the membership of the service, the procedure andmethod of using the service, and other details of the service through this service homepage, and the member should check it carefully before using the service.

③ “Company” provides “service” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless thereis a special problem in business or technology. However, the service may be suspended for a certain period of time if it is necessary for operation such as regular inspection of the system such as information and communication facilities, expansion and replacement of the server, various bug patches, andreplacement of new services.

④ In the case of Section 3, “Company” will announce the contents and time on the homepage or “Service.” However, if there is an unavoidable reason that “Company” cannot be notified in advance, it can be notified after the fact.

⑤ The Company may conduct regular inspections when it is necessary to provide the Services, and the regular inspection time will follow the disclosure on the Service Offerings screen.

Article 13 (Contents and Changes of Service)

① The "member" can use the "service" provided by the "company" in accordance with the rules set by the "company", such as this agreement andoperation policy.

② "Service" provided by "Company" to "Member" "Company" has a comprehensive authority for production, modification, maintenance, repair.

③ The Company may modify, add, or cancel all or part of the Service provided at any time if necessary for the operation or technology of the Service, such as new service contents and various bug patches. The contentsof the service to be changed and the date of provision of the service will be posted on the homepage operated by the Company and the initial screen of the service 7 days or more before the change. However, this is not the case when advance notice is not possible due to the interruption of service due to reasons beyond the Company's control.

④ The Company shall notify 7 days prior to the date of application of any changes in the member's rights or obligations and the practical matters related to the use of the Service, and 30 days prior to the date of application in the case of adverse changes to the Member, according to the service homepage or Article 9 .

⑤ The Company may amend, suspend or change some or all of the services provided free of charge according to the company's needs, such as policy planning or operation of the Company or the urgent situation of the Company. In this regard, “members” will not be compensated unless there are special regulations in related laws.

⑥ The Company may restrict or suspend all or part of the Service if any of the following applies

1.In case of force majeure reasons such as war, accident, natural disaster or national emergency

2. If there is a problem in the normal use of the "service" due to power outages, failure of facilities or congestion;

3. Inevitable due to construction such as maintenance of “service” equipment

4. If the Company cannot perform the service due to various circumstances of the Company.

⑦ The Company shall not be responsible for any problems arising from the change or suspension of the Services except for the intention or serious negligence of the Company due to the change or suspension of the Services.

Article 14 (Copyright of Posts)

① The copyright of the post posted by the “member” in the “service” belongs to the author of the post.

② Notwithstanding paragraph (1), the Company may expose the contents posted by the Member within the Services, such as search results, services and related promotions. Has been published. In this case, the “Company” complies with the copyright laws, and the “member” can take actions such as deleting, excluding search results, and disclosing the posting at any time through the management function in the customer center or the “service”.

③ When the Company wants to use the member's posts in other ways, the member must obtain the member's consent in advance by phone or e-mail.

Article 15 (Attribution of rights)

① Copyrights and other intellectual property rights of “Service” and the content produced by “Company” in “Service” belong to “Company”. However, the posts of the “members” and the works provided under the affiliate agreement are excluded.

② “Company” grants “member” only the right to use account (ID), posts, relation to “service” according to the terms of use set by “company”, and “member” transfers, sells, and secures it. Do not provide any disposition, such as providing.

Article 16 (Data Backup)

"Member" may back up "Service" related data stored in "Company" server during the "Service" period at any time prior to the termination of "Service" contract. “Company” may delete “Service” related data after termination of service contract, and “Member” shall not be liable for any damage caused by“Member” not backing up “Service” related data in advance.

Article 17 (Provision of Information and Publication of Advertising)

① The “Company” can provide the member with various information deemednecessary by the “member” during the use of the service, such as by e-mail. However, members can refuse to receive e-mail at any time except for the transaction-related information and customer inquiries according to the related laws.

② The Company may post advertisements on the service screen, homepage, or e-mail in connection with the operation of the service. Members who receive an email with an ad can opt out to the company.

③ Users (including members and non-members) do not take any actions suchas changing, modifying or limiting posts or other information related to the services provided by the company.

Article 18 (Cancellation, Termination, etc. of Members)

① The “member” can apply for the termination of the “use contract” at any time, and the “company” must immediately deal with it according to the related laws and regulations.

② If the "member" who is using the "paid service" withdraws from the service, the use of the "service" shall be immediately terminated, and the fee generated until then shall be paid to the company in the manner of Article 19.

③ If a "member" who is using "paid service" violates the obligations of Article11 "Member" specified in this agreement, he or she may cancel or terminate the contract or take measures such as restricting the use of the service or claiming damages. In this case, the “member” may appeal the actions of the“company” according to the procedure set by the “company”, and if the “company” confirms that it is justified, it may resume the use of the “service”.

④ In the case of using the “paid service” according to the application or consent of the “member”, if the “member” is overdue the fee of the “paid service”, the use may be automatically restricted on the date of the late payment. You should take measures in advance to avoid late payment of your bill or late payment.

⑤ In the event that a “member” terminates this “use agreement”, the “member” immediately upon termination, except in cases where the “company” retains the member information according to the relevant laws and the company's “personal information processing policy”. All data, including your personal information, will be destroyed. However, the information (text, image, error information) sent by the "member" to the service can be used for the improvement of the artificial intelligence algorithm of the "service" operated by the company as defined in the "Privacy Policy".

Article 19 (Means of Payment)

① The means available to the "member" for payment of the "paid service" are as follows.

1. Associated Credit Card

2. Consolidated billing of affiliate carrier bills

3. Various bank transfers such as phone banking, internet banking, and mail banking

4. Payment of payments by other payment methods by which the Company will enter into a partnership agreement with a third party and will inform the Member of whether or not payment is possible and how.

② When the Company has a legal or technical problem in the payment of the"Member" or an obstacle that the "Company" has not anticipated (such as a failure in the banking network), the "Company" shall provide the "Member" with the means of payment. You can request a change or hold or decline a pending payment.

③ According to the change of internal policy, external payment company (bank company, card company, etc.) and other related laws, the transaction limit of monthly cumulative payment amount, payment limit, etc. shall be determined for the transaction amount of “member” using “paid service”. If the member wishes to use the "paid service" in the range exceeding the transaction limit set by the "company", additional use of the "paid service" may not be possible due to the excess of the transaction limit.

Article 20 (Restrictions, etc.)

① The Company may restrict the use of the Service to warning, suspension, and termination of the contract if the Member violates the obligations of this Agreement or interferes with the normal operation of the Service.

② Despite the provisions of Paragraph ①, the Company shall not violate thelaws on theft and payment theft, violation of the provision of illegal programsin violation of the resident registration law, provision and operation of illegal programs in violation of the copyright law, promotion of the use of information and communication networks, and information protection. In case of violating related laws such as communication and hacking, distribution of malicious programs, and exceeding access rights, the contractcan be terminated immediately. Upon termination of the contract, all benefitsacquired through the use of the Services will be forfeited, and the Company will not compensate for them.

③ When the Company restricts or terminates the use of the "Service" of the "Member" in accordance with Paragraph ①, the conditions and details of the restriction shall be as defined in the Restriction Policy, etc. You will be notified in the prescribed manner.

④ The “member” may make an appeal in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the “company” regarding the restriction of the use of the “company”. If the reason for the "member" 's objection is justified, the "company" shall immediately resume the use of the "service" of the "member".

Article 21 (Compensation for Damage)

① The Company shall indemnify the Paid Member only for the actual damages caused by the Paid Member due to the defect of the Paid Service. However, the Company shall not be liable for any damages to paid members without the intention or negligence of the Company. When the Company compensates for the paid member, the Company shall follow the relevant provisions of the Content User Protection Guidelines and other related practices regarding the method and procedure. If the “Operational Policy,” etc. of each individual service stipulates a damage compensation policy that differs from the provisions of this Article, the “Operational Policy, etc.” of the respective Service shall take precedence.

② If the "member" damages the "company" for violating the obligations of this agreement or if the "member" damages the "company" in connection with the use of the "service", the "member" shall You must compensate for any damages.

③ If the "Company" receives various objections such as claims for damages or lawsuits from third parties other than the member due to illegal activities or violations of these Terms and Conditions by the "member" in using the service, the "member" shall The Company shall be indemnified at its own expense and expense, and if the Company is not indemnified, the Member shall be liable for any damages incurred by the Company.

Article 22 (Limit of Liability)

① The Company shall be exempted from responsibility for providing "Service"if it cannot provide "Service" due to natural disasters or force majeure.

② The Company shall not be liable for the suspension of service or the failureof use due to reasons attributable to the member, and damages to the member due to the failure of the telecommunication service provider to stop or provide telecommunications service normally. If no liability is waived.

③ The Company shall not be responsible for the contents of information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted by the Member in relation to the Service.

④ "Company" is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the "Attribute Tag" and "Image Tag" results provided by the "Member" through the service, and does not make any guarantee or guarantee on the accuracy of the recognition result.

⑤ The Company shall be exempted from liability in the case of transactions through “Service” between “Members” or “Members” and third parties.

⑥ “Company” shall not be responsible for the use of “Service” provided free of charge unless there is a special provision in related laws.

⑦ The Company shall not be held responsible for the failure of the Member toachieve the expected benefits by using the Service, and shall be exempt from liability for damages resulting from the selection or use of the Service.

⑧ “Company” is not responsible for any damage caused by “members” leaking or providing their personal information and data to others.

⑨ "Company" is the reason for the fault of "Company", such as various problems arising from the security problems that are not within the scope of "member" Internet, mobile environment or "Company" or network hacking that is difficult to defend with the current security technology level. We are not responsible for any problems that arise.

Article 23 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

1. The disputes between the Company and the Member shall be governed bythe laws of the Republic of Korea.

2. Lawsuits concerning disputes between the “Company” and “Member” shall be filed in the competent court under the Civil Procedure Law.

Article 24 Contact details of the company

The company name and address are as follows.

Business name: Omniers Co., Ltd.

Representative: Jeon Jae-young

Address: 1207, 12th Floor, 145, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Sinsa-dong, Inwoo Building)

Representative Telephone: 02-543-7762

Email address:


This Agreement is effective from August 21, 2019.