Complete fashion data intelligence powered by AI

Let AI handle product tagging, recommendations and trend analysis

What we do


Search and filter optimization


Product tagging automation


Visual search and product recommendations


Trend analysis on social media


Brand's product comparison analysis


Improved search efficiency


Increased average order value


Increased customer stay time


Saved operational costs


Trends and market insights

Omnious studio - social media trends dashboard

Gain actionable market insights and trends with AI

Gather catalog product tags from various sources including competitor brands and social media. OMNIOUS STUDIO AI tags product attributes automatically to make your trend analysis easier. You can align your product concepts, production planning and sales strategies with up to date weekly trend analytics.
  • Automatically generate and extract product attributes
  • Attribute statistics and analysis
  • Fashion trend reports on social media
  • Quantitative market analysis
Omnious studio - social media trends dashboard

Automated product tagging

Omnious tagger - automated product tagging

Automatically tag fashion images for you to use

OMNIOUS TAGGER outputs highly detailed, accurate fashion attributes textual tags. Your fashion data is now AI-ready. The tags can be applied to optimize the search engine and product recommendations feature. Our Catalog analytics can be used to support quantitative analysis in deciding fast production planning and sales strategies.
  • Product tagging automation
  • Search/filter optimization
  • Enhance personalized product recommendations
Omnious tagger - automated product tagging

Similar item recommendations

Omnious lens - visual search

Recommend similar style items customer want

Don't worry about describing complicated fashion styles through text. OMNIOUS LENS recognizes even mood and occasion in a visual images. With OMNIOUS LENS, you can recommend similar items closely aligned to your customer's preferences.
  • Similar items recommendations
  • Visual search
Omnious lens - visual search

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